What Makes the 2023 Genesis GV70 an Ideal Luxury SUV?

Have you heard of the new luxury SUV Genesis GV70? This generation GV70 is one of the best cars in its segment that people can buy. The interior is this vehicle is what makes people crave it whenever they will come across it.

To check out and understand the luxurious nature of this automobile, people need to visit Sicklerville Genesis dealer. However, to know in brief, one can carry on going through this article.

What makes it an ideal luxury SUV?

Its luxurious design is one of the major aspects that makes it an ideal luxury SUV to buy in modern times. Apart from it, the power of this car along with its competitive pricing, makes it a great buy. Hence, you need to about this vehicle in detail!

The features

Features this car sports are what even much costlier cars fail to provide. From comfortable seats to leather upholstery, advanced tech features and more; all of these combined makes this vehicle one of the most luxurious SUV that people can buy.

The design of GV70’s cabin is quite daring; what people love and gives a posh vibe is the cohesive look that exterior lines carry into this vehicle’s interior portion. High-quality materials are used for creating this interior; the shift knob is made using knurled glass which gives people an essence of luxury.

The infotainment is quite similar to the GV80 model. Hence, features including widescreen and large infotainment screen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi hotspot, etc. are standard features. Moreover, the interior is equipped with a high-end stereo system from Lexicon.

Even this SUV offers quite the spaciousness that people find quite refreshing in a luxury car. In addition, more leg space makes rides inside this vehicle more fun. Also, it has a massive cargo space that users find it very useful. The leather-wrapped surfaces and other details that have been set for this vehicle make it an ideal luxury SUV.

People looking to check out first hand should visit Sicklerville Luxury SUV dealer. You can sit inside and even take a test drive if you want to when visiting a showroom looking to buy this automobile.


A luxury SUV will always have enough power under its hood to get any job done. The engine that is fitted inside this vehicle is a 2.5L turbocharged option; however, more people are available for buyers who choose to get the V6 3.5L twin-turbo engine. These engines make 300 horses and 375 horses respectively. It will now depend on you which is more suitable and appealing to you and buy accordingly.


The starting price of this supremely luxury vehicle is $44,275, while the V6 engine models start from $56,375 and go up to $65,995. To know the exact price of every version of the 2023 Genesis GV70, you should talk to a dealer near you.

With such remarkable pricing, top-notch features, powerful engines, etc. there is no doubt that it is an ideal luxury SUV to purchase. So, visit a showroom and choose a trim!

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